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Welcome to Elevated Impacct, where empowerment meets transformation. Navigate your journey to mental well-being, self-love, and confidence with our personalized coaching and impactful resources, designed for individuals and groups across various life transitions.


Empowering Lives, Inspiring Change: Welcome to Elevated Impacct, your dedicated space for holistic mental health advocacy, self-love, and confidence-building. We are committed to fostering a supportive community that transcends boundaries, breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, and guiding individuals through critical life transitions. Through personalized coaching programs, transformative workshops, and impactful resources, we empower women to navigate their unique journeys with resilience and self-assurance. Our mission is to create a ripple effect of positive change, promoting inclusivity and unlocking the dormant greatness within every individual. Join us in this transformative journey, where we believe that aligning with your purpose is not only feasible but the key to unlocking a life of fulfillment and achievement. Elevate your impact with me!

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One-on-one Coaching

Group Coaching

Business Coaching

Work one-on-one and receive personalized sessions tailored to your unique life transitions. Break barriers, build confidence, and unlock your dormant greatness through confidential and supportive coaching that empowers your personal and professional growth.

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Elevated Impacct offers tailored business coaching for entrepreneurs seeking to establish or expand their ventures. Our certified coach, experienced in operations consulting, provides strategic guidance to optimize operations, refine growth strategies, and unlock untapped potential. Propel your entrepreneurial journey with personalized coaching aligned with your goals, elevating your business to new heights.

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Our dynamic group coaching is customized for various settings, from schools and community programs to businesses and general group environments. In these sessions, we create a supportive space for collective empowerment, nurturing confidence and mental well-being. Whether fostering teamwork in a business or promoting positive mental health in schools and community programs, our group coaching is tailored to collaboratively elevate and transform lives.

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my story

I've been there, so I understand.

I made it, and you can too.

Hello and welcome to Elevated Impacct! I'm Choniece, the founder and heart behind this transformative space. Originally from Southern California, I've now proudly put down Bluegrass roots in Kentucky. My personal journey through mental health challenges led to the creation of Elevated Impacct, a platform dedicated to fostering positive change. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Coaching Certification through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I've combined academic knowledge with personal experience to guide individuals through critical life transitions.

Having navigated my own struggles, I understand the importance of mental well-being during pivotal moments in life. I believe in the power of community, and that's why Elevated Impacct is not just a business; it's a commitment to supporting others.

Join me on this journey of empowerment, where we break down the stigma surrounding mental health, cultivate self-love, and unlock the dormant greatness within. Let's elevate our impact together!"

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Unlock the dream of a supportive community right at your fingertips! I've brought to life a vibrant space that champions mental health, empowerment, and valuable resources just for you. Imagine a one-stop shop where authenticity is celebrated, and you receive unwavering support.

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Don't just take my word, check out some of the feedback from others.

"Self-confidence was one of my biggest struggles. I know it's a continuous work in progress but Choniece has helped me completely change the way I see myself. I am capable of so much more than I imagined ."

Josselyn, 34

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Choniece!!! I felt trapped in every part of my life. I believed that was the reality I was forced to accept but you showed me how to make realistic changes to change the course of it all. You saw things in me I struggled to see in myself. "

Arlana, 24

"Let's be honest a confidence coach was one of the last things I thought I needed but I was at a very low point in my life so why not? Grateful is an understatement. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with motivation or purpose."

Patricia, 41

Elevated Impacct in the Community

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Community involvement stands as a cornerstone of Elevated Impacct's mission, underscoring the profound significance of engaging with and contributing to the communities it serves. As a business dedicated to mental health advocacy, self-love, and confidence-building, active participation in local and online communities allows Elevated Impacct to create meaningful connections and address the unique needs of its diverse audience. By directly interfacing with communities, We not only gain insights into the prevailing challenges but also tailor Elevated impacct’s programs and resources to better resonate with individuals undergoing critical life transitions. Furthermore, community involvement fosters a sense of inclusivity, breaking down societal barriers and reducing the stigma associated with mental health. Through partnerships with organizations like Girls Inc, Western Academy, and involvement in plus-size pageant systems, Elevated Impacct not only extends its reach but also plays an instrumental role in nurturing a supportive environment where individuals can thrive in their journey towards self-discovery and improved mental well-being. The community becomes both a source of inspiration and a canvas upon which Elevated Impacct paints its transformative impact, fostering a collective commitment to breaking barriers and unlocking the dormant greatness within each individual!

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